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How to use Netteller

Using Netteller is very easy, just follow certain instructions and you are ready to start buying things from all over the internet. First of all to get into your online account you must enter your account number, your secure id and your password. Now that you are into your Netteller account there are many things that you can now take advantage of. One of the first things that any customer should do upon newly opening an account is to verify their bank account.

What this means is providing Netteller with your financial information, by doing so this bank account is tied to the Netteller account, which makes depositing and withdrawing money easier. Now after entering the bank account information they will make a deposit into your account of an amount of less than one dollar, you must report the amount of the deposit to Netteller and then your account is verified. After all of that is taken care of it is much easier to transfer funds to and from the account and to other merchants and Netteller customers.

Now to make a transfer using the Netteller account there are only a few steps that you need to take to make sure that money exchanges hands with ease. The first thing you need to do is sign into your account online and click on the make a transfer. There you will see two different buttons that you can click on one is for sending money to Netteller members and the other is for sending money to Netteller merchants. Either decision that you decide to make there are three things that you are going to need, your account id, your password and your secure id. If you are making a transfer to another Netteller member you will need that members email address, they will be notified when the transfer is complete.

The next thing that all customers need to know about is how to withdrawal money out of an account. All you have to do to withdraw money out of the account is to click the withdraw button. After the button is hit, you will see a page where at the bottom you will be asked to click another button that is says you are ready to make the withdraw. There will be several options for your withdraw, the most popular of which is the Netteller debit card. You have to apply for this card and it will take about one week to get to your house. Enter the amount of money you would like to take out and click on the withdraw button; your money will be on the way.

There are so many other things available by using Netteller, to find out exactly what they are just go to and sign up for your own account.

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